Flight Delay Compensation

Am I Eligible for Flight Delay Compensation?

Flight delay compensation has been in the news recently, as the Supreme Court upheld the appeals court decision that airlines must pay compensation for delays to passengers that were their fault.

Passengers who flew into or out of an EU airport at any point between 17 February 2005 and today, who experienced a delay of at least three hours, are eligible to receive some form of compensation. The catch is, however, the delay is measured from the arrival time, rather than the departure time.

That means – if your flight takes off late, but still arrives within a three hour window of the original landing time, you do not have a flight delay compensation claim.

If the flight delay was caused by something like: bad weather, a bird hitting the plane, political unrest; etc., then the delay is not the airline’s fault and you do not have a claim.

What Kind of Flight Delay Compensation Am I Eligible for?

This depends on the length of your delay, and the length of your flight. If you’re flying less than 1,500 km, and you’re delayed 3 hours, you can claim the minimum compensation of €125 (around £100). If you’re flying that distance, but delayed by more than three hours or denied boarding, you can increase the amount of the claim to €250.

If you’re flying further than 1,500 km, but not 3,500 km, then your three hour delay compensation starts at €200 (£158). Any delay longer than three hours, or a denial of boarding doubles the claim to €400.

If you’re flying at least 3,500 km, then your delay compensation starts when the flight is delayed by at least four hours. The compensation amount for this delay is €300. If the delay is more than four hours, or you are completely denied boarding, the maximum compensation of €600 is due.

What About My Travel Insurance?

If you have a travel insurance policy, you may be able to claim compensation via the insurance policy, regardless of whether the delay is the airlines fault. Check the travel insurance policy’s terms and conditions to find out what the policy covers. If you have a basic policy – chances are there is no coverage for this type of issue. If you have a more expensive policy, or opted for the add-on coverage that protects against flight delays.

You may or may not compensation, based on the cause of the delay, but major insurance companies provide the following compensation.

  • Direct Line will pay £20 for the first 12 hours of the delay – and £10 for every full 12 hour delay after, to a maximum of £200.
  • Churchill will pay £30 for the first 12 hours you’re delayed, and another £10 per 12-hour period you’re delayed – up to £1,000.
  • Aviva and LV Premier will pay £25 for every 12 hours you’re delayed, up to a £250 maximum.

If you think you have a flight delay compensation claim, reach out to us at Titan Claims. We can help you get the money you deserve.

Flight Delay Compensation